Learn about People in the Admin section.


This section is where people (agents), are provisioned. Adding a person here imports them to the Chime directory so they can then be added into a queue. Once added to a queue, they will be able to receive incoming chat requests. This is where you’ll set global properties associated with each user. Admin rights are also configured in this section.

Adding a Person

To add a new person to the Chime directory, click the "Add Person" button above the grid. This should bring up a form containing the following fields:

  • First

    The person’s first name

  • Last

    The person’s last name

  • Windows Login Name

    The agents Windows login name

  • SIP

    The SIP address for the user

  • Email

    An email address for the user (optional)

  • User Role

    A toggle to provide a user with Administration rights to Chime. This is a global setting. People can be given rights to manage queues in Queue Settings.

  • Account Type

    Specifies whether the account is used for Testing, Development, or Production

  • Maximum Chats Per Day

    Maximum number of chats a user can handle for one day. 0 allows unlimited chats

  • Maximum Concurrent Chats

    Specifies the maximum number of concurrent chats a person can handle (Cannot exceed Max/day)

Adding a Person through Search Active Directory

To add a new person to the Chime directory through Active Directory, click the Add Person button above the grid. Then click Search Active Directory. The following steps will help you add a person:

  1. In the directory picker, enter a name to search for and press the Search button. Chime will search your directory, and return possible matches.
  2. To add the user’s information to the Add Person form, click on the blue plus icon to the right of the user’s information in the grid.
  3. This will populate the appropriate fields with any of the information available from the directory.

Adding a Federated Person

To add a new federated person to the Chime directory, click the Add Person button above the grid.

The Search Active Directory picker will not work with a federated person. You must enter the user information manually.

  1. Manually fill out the User Information for the federated person.
  2. Check the Chime Settings for the new federated person.
  3. Click Save

Editing a Person

To edit an existing person’s settings, click the blue edit icon associated with that user in the people grid. This will open a window with the same fields as the Add Person window, but will allow you to edit an existing entry. Make any desired changes, and click Save to update the person.

Adding Skill tags to a Person

Click on the blue edit button to add skill tags to a specific agent. Then, click on the drop-down to open up the list of available skill tags. Select a skill tag from the drop-down menu. Click on the blue + button to add it to the agent. The selected skill tags will now be displayed in the ‘Agent Skill Tags’ section.

Deleting a Person

If you need to remove a person from Chime, click the red X icon in the people grid. This will bring up a confirmation window, where you can confirm the removal or cancel. The removal will set the user as archived, and you can restore a person at a later point if you need to, or permanently delete them from the database.