Chime Dispatchers

What you need to know about Chime dispatchers.


A dispatcher is a Lync-enabled account that is used to broker chats within Chime. The dispatcher needs a Lync-enabled account that is previously configured with your chat system. It is recommended that you create a user with a name that correlates with the queue you will create.

Adding a Dispatcher

To add a new dispatcher to Chime, click the New Dispatcher button below the grid. This should bring the New Dispatcher window, which displays the following information:

  • SIP

    The SIP address for the dispatcher. Note: All dispatcher accounts must be Lync-enabled to work with Chime

  • Description

    Optional additional information about the dispatcher

  • Dispatcher Type

    Specifies whether the dispatcher is used for Testing, Development, or Production

  • Platform Type

    What chat platform the dispatcher is provisioned for

  • Domain

    Domain that the account is provisioned in

  • Server

    Address of the chat server (Lync) that Chime will log in to

  • User

    Full username of the account being used for the dispatcher

  • Password

    Password to use when logging into the chat server

Editing a Dispatcher

To edit a dispatcher’s settings click the blue edit icon in the dispatcher grid. This will open a window with the same fields as the New Dispatcher window, but will allow you to edit an existing dispatcher. Make any desired changes, and click Save changes to update the dispatcher.

Deleting a Dispatcher

If you need to remove a dispatcher from Chime, click the red delete icon in the dispatcher grid. This will bring up a confirmation window, where you can confirm the removal or cancel. The removal will set the dispatcher as archived, and you can restore a dispatcher at a later point if you need to.