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S4B Server Presence

Server-Side Application To Expose Skype Presences

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S4B Server Presence


S4B Server Presence is a server-side application to expose Skype presence through a web API. It helps you to quickly build a web UI to view your Skype presence without having to login into Skype. To build the web UI, you can use a simple JavaScript library like JQuery.

S4B Server Presence leverages UCMA 4.0 on the server side to work with Microsoft Lync Server.

If you have any problems downloading and installing the application, please contact our Support Team.

Download S4B Server Presence 2.0.49 Download Sample UI



Get Presence For Multiple Users

  • Url: http://[server]/WebPresence/Service.svc/GetPresences?sipUris=[sipUri1],[sipUri2],...,[sipUriN]

  • Method: GET

  • Example Call:

    // main.js
        url: ",",
        type: "GET",
        success: function(r){
  • Example Success Response (200):

            JobTitle: "Engineer",
            Phone: "1-800-867-5309",
            Mobile: "1-800-867-5409",
            SipUri: "",
            ContactName: "John Doe",
            Availability: 3500,
            Status: "Online",
            SubscriptionCreated: "2018-04-11T10:21:07.8393108-04:00",
            Email: "",
            CanChat: false,
            CN: "John Doe"
            JobTitle: "Sales Associate",
            Phone: "1-800-867-5301",
            Mobile: "1-800-867-5402",
            SipUri: "",
            ContactName: "Bill Bolts",
            Availability: 6000,
            Status: "Busy",
            SubscriptionCreated: "2018-04-11T10:21:07.8393108-04:00",
            Email: "",
            CanChat: false,
            CN: "Bill Bolts"
  • Example Error Response (500):

        Message: "[Detailed error message]"