Release Notes

Current Production Builds:

Chime Version: 3.0.14 (January 8, 2021)

3.0.14 (January 8, 2021)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added support for Chime queue and advisor metrics extraction for pushing it periodically to custom Service-Now table
  • Exposed queue description as variables - $transfertodescription and $transferfromdescription to text resources. This will allow us to customize 'Queue Transfer' message for seekers.
  • Seeker transfer feature has been updated to allow two levels of transfers. Earlier seeker could only be transferred once.

3.0.13 (December 17, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Updated to allow reviewer to access message broadcasting feature from Chat Traffic panel
  • Fixed Issue: Three escape characters ' , " and / in description field prevented incident creation
  • Fixed Issue: Two escape characters + and & were impacting sending of message from Chat Traffic panel
  • Fixed Issue: Link from Watson bot wasn't opening in new browser window when seeker changed chat intent

3.0.12 (December 8, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Ported Advisor Manager Panel from Adobe Flex to HTML/JS (Adobe Flex will get deprecated by December 2020)
  • When creating an incident send 'contact_type' as 'chat' instead of 'Chat'

3.0.11 (November 17, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Service-Now: When creating incident set field 'opened_by'
  • Notify advisor while incident is being created
  • Fixed Issue: If session is in 'waiting for reboot' mode chat transcript wasn't posted to Service-Now
  • Fixed Issue: If session was transferred to another queue chat transcript wasn't posted to Service-Now incident
  • Added validation to prevent advisor from creating multiple incidents for a session

3.0.10 (November 8, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Service-Now Integration: When agent connects with a seeker, agent will get list of incidents present in Service-Now.
  • Service-Now Integration: Agent can create incident for a connected seeker.
  • Service-Now Integration: Agent can associate existing incident with a Chime session.
  • Updated 'Send Message' option on Monitor Panel (HTML) to increase character limit to 7500.
  • Added support for agent command: /chime_slack_me
  • Added support for 'echo-command' for agent. This will allow agent to know amount of time it took message to circle back.
  • Added support for '/chime_echo' command for agent. This will allow agent to know amount of time it took their command to process.

Version 3.0.4(2020-02-07) (February 14, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added support for Global Manager & Reviewer roles
  • Monitor Panel: Managers to assign 'bot' conversations to human agents
  • Updated 'My Dashboard' to hide option which allows agents to enable/disable themselves
  • Updated to send across seeker location and platform to Watson Bot
  • Added API calls for HAI to get number of active sessions for a seeker
    • API:
    • Response: [{"SessionCount":XXXX}]

Version 3.0.3(2020-01-02) (January 15, 2020)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added Queue Level Report: Watson Intent for tracking bot activity
  • Added Queue Level Report: Inbound vs Answered vs Deflected
  • Allow seeker to rate bot responses
  • Added support for showing disclaimer in web client
  • Updated Monitoring panel to make all columns sort-able
  • Updated Chime to use newer Slack API - instead of which has been deprecated
  • Updated to load balance chats between queue dispatcher pool to address potential Slack API rate-limit issue
  • Added support for Slack Markdown formatting

Version 3.0.2019-10-25 (November 1, 2019)

Slack Features

  • Slack is now fully supported using Instant Chime
  • Added Slack dialog card as queue text resource items – Slack dialog definitions can be added as Chime text resources
  • dialog cards can be sent as part of conversation or displayed at Slack dialog popup
  • Support for Slack slash commands using \Chime
  • Chime standard replies and other areas will be displayed to the service desk agent using Slack dialog cards
  • Inbound requests to the service desk can be started using Slack UI or Chime web client channel

Bot Integration

  • Add bot registry to Chime administration area
  • Add support for Microsoft Bot Framework bot(s) via Directline
  • Add support for IBM Watson bot(s)
  • Multiple bot end points may be registered with Chime
  • Chime can pass a conversation to a bot before routing the user to a service desk agent (chat bot self-service deflection scenario)
  • Bot replies and integration can be wrapped in a Slack card before being delivered to either the agent or the guest

IBM Watson Integration

  • Chime can redirect a chat conversation to an IBM Watson bot prior to routing the request to a service desk agent
  • Conversations can be passed to an IBM sentiment and text analytics service to automatically determine tone analysis and sentiment scoring
  • IBM Watson tone analysis and scoring can be attached to the chat session and configured at the queue level
  • Added reports to display IBM Watson tone scoring and sentiment analysis

Queue Configuration

  • Added Cognitive Services area to queue properties – to manage sentiment and tone scoring for chat sessions
  • Velocity template engine added to text resources
  • Text resources now include ability to call a bot and hand the bot a Chime conversation
  • Added text resources necessary for bot handoff and routing
  • New queue properties to handle cases were a conversation may be handed to a bot and a Chime agent become available
  • Multiple Slack dispatchers can be added to a queue
  • HTML is now supported across all Chime text resource items – to help wrap bot replies


  • Added reports to display IBM Watson tone and sentiment scoring
  • New reporting area (Watson Analytics) added to charting module to consolidate all IBM Watson reports

Version 3.0.2 (July 24, 2019)

New Features and Updates:

  • Added support for Slack platform
  • Major web interface overhaul to make it more intuitive and responsive
  • Updated adaptive card integration: custom forms can be submitted as cards to seekers
  • Updated external Direct Line bot integration: Bot can be invoked at various points while seeker is in Queue
  • Embedded Microsoft Adaptive Card Designer into Chime for building cards
  • Updated Agent Dashboard to show agent status in real time
  • Added Queue Level Chart: Average Guest Rating By Agent
  • Added System Level Chart: File Transfer by Queue
  • Adding support for importing/exporting Standard Replies
  • Added support for specifying Queue icon
  • Added support for post chat survey (rating and comments)
  • Added Service-Now VA to get list of open tickets, create and update tickets
  • Updated Logs view to show statistics of incoming traffic from Azure Bot Framework and Slack channels
  • Manager can inject messages into a live conversation
  • Manager can assign chat to agents
  • Added support for 'Waiting for Reboot', Seeker can disconnect and rejoin the same session
  • Added support for 'ACW', after a session ends agents can complete after chat work. During this period they won't get chat notifications
  • Added support for file transfer between seeker and agents
  • Added support for 'Priority Pass', seekers can be assigned priority pass which allows them to route ahead of other waiting seekers
  • Chat can be transferred to different Queues