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Microsoft Teams
Help Desk for Employees

Chime for Microsoft Teams Employee getting help

How Chime for Teams Works for Employees

1. Chime makes it easy to start chats from many locations

  • Employees can use click to chat, or start chats directly from Microsoft Teams
  • The sidebar of Teams can be used to add in branding for your Service Desk
  • Easy to find click to chat makes it quicker for employees to get the help they need

2. Once an employee starts routing they can use interviews to provide more information and get help in the right areas

  • Interviews can either send to a self service bot or add tags to the chat to find the right Agents
  • This helps with routing to agents of the correct language and skillset
  • Self service bots can help employees find answers to common questions and help people find solutions quicker

3. Support for Multi-Language

  • Employees are able to get help in almost any language with live translation in Chime
  • Agents are able to detect the language employees come in with and use Azure Translation to communicate effectively
  • Employees are able to get help quicker than normal due to the added language skillsets of Agent in Chime