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Chime Agent Translation Tool

Allow Chime Agents to perform live translation when in chat converstations

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Chime Agent Translation Tool


The Chime Agent Translation Tool is a new feature set that has been added onto the existing Chime Agent Assistant. The Chime Agent Assistant is a client-side application that gives the service desk agent the ability to auto accept Chime chats and open the agent context window extension. The new features allow agents to perform live translation for messages that are in Chime chats.

The Chime Agent Translation tool uses Microsoft Azure Translation services to translate incoming and outgoing messages and it integrates with the existing Agent Assistant allowing Agents to seamlessly integrate language translation into their chats.

Additional Information

For more information on how Chime integrates into a international helpdesk check out our page covering Global Multi-language Service Desks

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Optimize an international helpdesk with live translation

Give your experts a variety of tools to help people from all around the world

  • Integrate with existing translation service or create a new one
  • Encrypt the translation key for secure translation
  • Choose from over 60 languages to translate to and from
  • View original messages and translated messages
  • Preview translated messages before sending
  • Send translated messages directly to guests

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