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What is Chime V5 for Microsoft Teams?

Instant Chime V5 is a SAAS service desk application that builds on the ideas that we have developed over many years and delivers a next generation chat service desk using SAAS design, embedded CMS, and integration with cognitive services.

  • Ready for quick onboarding and multi-tenant deployments
  • Designed for self-service deflection and a continuous feedback cycle
  • SAAS click to chat service desk application for enterprise customers
  • Configurable chat workflows, ticketing integration, and machine learning integration
  • Embedded CMS provides tools for self-service deflection, portals, and chat workflow
  • Enable a customer tenant in minutes with simplified onboarding
  • Great looking chat UI for end users, agents, and managers
  • Designed for machine learning and cognitive services
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Chime Overview

Chime V5 Overview

Get to know Chime V5 and how it can help your organization solve employee problems in real time using Microsoft Teams.

End User Portal Chat Experience

Using Chime in a portal page is easier than ever with the new custom web clients, deployment buttons, and FAQ content. On a portal page you have easily accessible answers to common questions and a modern chat interface that will connect that customer with an agent. A live chat session between the customer and the agent will begin, enabling the guest to get immediate help.

Chime V5 Webclient Customization

Demo of the routing experience for guests in Chime V5 using a fully customizable web client that opens a modal that can slide onto the portal page

Manager Experience

Because Chime has the concept of roles/permissions, those designated as managers and admins have a host of elevated abilities. These abilities include monitoring ongoing chats, looking at charts and statistics, generating reports, and much more.

Agent Experience

Agents can quickly and easily accept an inbound chat just by clicking on a toast notification. When connected, the agent will see a host of information about the inbound guest. The agent also has access to any canned/standard replies that have been created. Agents can send and receive files. Chime is designed to give agents the ability to give help quickly and efficiently.

Admin Experience

The Admin experience has been fully redesigned in Chime V5 as we are now using Orchard Core to extend the features we had in the past. Admins are able to utilize Pipelines, Workflows, and Custom Web clients to make Chime exactly how you want it. Additionally you cam manage users from the Admin area and addign different Agent lists

Workflow and Chat Pipelines

In Chime V5 we have added in 2 powerful features; Workflow and Chat Pipelines. These allow you to fully customize your chat Service Desk in ways that were tricky in previous versions of Chime. Pipelines can enable you to have more nuanced prechat options for end users to go through. You might have some FAQ content for them, or some knowledgebase information to provide to them, and then route to Agent after. Workflows enable you to run automated tasks on events in Chime that can be used to send out emails, or add users to Chime, or create tickets.

Check out some videos of live chats in Chime V5